Buddy Boy Bio

It was just the beginning of summer almost nine years ago. I was alone: all my children had grown and left home. I loved to go camping and hiking, and wanted a companion to share my life. I had made the circuit to the dog rescue shelters in my area, but had not found the one for me. Or rather, I should say, no pup had chosen me.

On this particular Saturday morning, I scanned to local newspaper to read that a man was bringing in puppies to the parking lot of a Wal-Mart store around noon of the following day. With great anticipation, I arrived at the designated spot the next afternoon to await the arrival of the pups. After a while an old car sailed into the parking lot---one of those ancient huge boats with the large wings protruding out from each side. It was a rusty old car, drive by a very unkempt man. As the vehicle lurched to a stop, I saw two large dogs looking out of the windows. Then...a bunch of heads popped up as the man got out of the vehicle, and opened the door to emit a dozen or more pups. The two mothers, both red heelers, had litters within days of each other. And now, the man was hoping to find homes for the offspring. I patted several of them, knowing that today I would find my new friend. Slowly during the next several minutes, three of the pups - two boys and a girl from the same litter - seemed to choose to play with me. Buddy and his sister looked exactly alike, the other boy was lighter in color; and Buddy was the smallest of the three. Another family chose the girl, and soon Buddy seemed most adamant in seeking my attention. And this is how Buddy came to his forever home!

My Buddy was most docile as a young pup, and having spent the first several weeks of his life outside on a farm, he was used to doing his business outside. As he grew into adolescence, Buddy became spirited and rambunctious. He loved to chase balls, and rabbits. But most of all, he loved car rides, and long walks. We spent many summers at the cabin, where he loved to swim for sticks in the lake. His beautiful amber eyes could melt your heart.

Buddy was never sick until about five weeks before he died. He seemed to have an upset tummy, not eating much for a few days. He then seemed to get better for a while, but was beginning to become lethargic. The results of blood work and x-rays showed that cancer was in his liver. I brought Buddy home overnight, where family and friends sat with us. The next day, he became very ill. On Sunday evening, I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog.