I have been here before - grieving the death of a son, and my parents - so I know that life does go on. But I notice that the loss of my dog has triggered such profound emotions that I do not remember having ever felt before. This has caused some feelings of guilt. I am excruciatingly heatbroken over the loss of my best friend in the whole world; in this is the crux of the matter. Buddy WAS my best friend. This relationship was an even deeper bond than many human relationships.
He gave his love selflessly, and was the source of the most unconditional love I will ever know. He was a comforting presence in my everyday life - always my constant companion, so that the impact on my life was all-encompassing. So I think that the loss of a human and the loss of a pet should not be compared, but each must be mourned in an appropriate way.
If you have lost a furbaby, I am here for you. Together, we can work through the grief process. Please contact me and tell me your story. Send me your photos and story, and I will post them as a tribute to your pet.

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