If you are greiving the loss of a Furbaby, here are some helpful links:

Rainbow Bridge - a virtual home for your departed pet. This site allows you to create a virtual residency in your pet's memory, and to begin the long journey of healing a broken heart. There is also a grief support chat room, stories and poems about members' pets, and a pet bereavement store.

Pet Loss Grief Support - tributes, memorials and grief support chat rooms.

Pet Loss Support Page - tips on coping with pet loss.

Animal Loss - a lengthy article in Wikipedia exploring the effects that a death of a pet has on relationships (human and other pets), workplace issues and grieving.

My Vet - a new facility that provides outstanding and compassionate veterinary care. The hospital is open seven days of the week until midnight.

Paws4Prayer - A sacred space dedicated to recognizing, contemplating, and responding to our animal companions and all other creatures as living gospels of God's love.

Proof that Animals go to Heaven - proofs from the Bible that demonstrate immortality of animals.

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